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“It’s genius!”

Briony Hanson
Director Film / British Council

“Figuring out the plot is not my favourite part of writing. But you can’t write a story without a plot. Beemgee has helped me sort out my ideas and capture moments of inspiration, indeed to overcome writer’s block. It’s an aid to structuring my work, and is highly recommended even for pantsers, those authors who write by the seat of their pants.”

T. A. Wegberg
Novelist, author of Memory Error

“Great for reminding you of the basics, and preventing you from getting bogged down in unimportant details. Beemgee really helps you figure out how your story can be dramatically powerful and make logical sense at the same time.”

Andrea Katzenberger
Screenwriter / Director – “Peppercorns”, “4 against Z”, “How to bake yourself a guy”

“I was surprised how much Beemgee helped us sharpen the profiles of the characters in our game. The easy interface is great, the info tips behind the question marks make it possible for a novice storyteller like me to find out about the basics of storytelling technique.”

Niklas Bothe
CEO Bearhands / Creators of Grand Values: Monaco

“The internal logic of a story is magical, like the structure of a spiders web. Beemgee is a wonderful tool to explore and get to grips with this complexity.”

Amos Ponger
Editor and documentary filmmaker / “Two or three things I know about him”


Standard features of both the character-developer and the plot-outliner will always be open to everyone for free.
Ask for an invitation to use the plot-outliner now – hit one of the “try for free” buttons above or below.
As of September 2016, you’ll be able to use of both online tools in combination.
Make the most of our special early-bird introductory offer in October 2016, when we’ll release even more functions and features.

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